Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification in Royal Oak

When narcotics fail to provide safe and effective relief from pain, 

we explore alternatives.

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After retiring from nearly 25 years of practicing vascular surgery in metropolitan Detroit, Dr. David Schulman felt too young to leave medicine entirely. With his experience as an Osteopathic Physician, he decided to put his skills to use and continue to serve the community. Dr. Schulman knows that pain comes in many different forms, but so does treatment. At Greenpath Holistic Medicine, we explore alternatives such as osteopathic manipulation and the use of medical marijuana. Visit our office or call us to see if these alternatives are right for you!

Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification

At Greenpath Holistic Medicine, we analyze medical records to determine if the patient meets the criteria for medical marijuana use. Greenpath will then fill out all necessary forms required to receive a medical marijuana card from the state. If interested in exploring medical marijuana as a relief from pain, schedule an appointment today!

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

This kind of therapy involves using hands-on care to treat aching joints and muscles. Osteopathic manipulation can be done to prevent injury as well as diagnose other musculoskeletal pain. By using techniques such as stretching, resistance, and gentle pressure, relief from chronic pain can be achieved without the use of narcotics.

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